Operating Lease & Rental

An Operating Lease or Rental facility through The Leasing Centre gives you complete control and flexibility over the acquisition of your business equipment.

Update and Upgrade

The Leasing Centre's Rental facility provides ultimate flexibility. You can update, upgrade or add on equipment at any time without penalty. Once you decide, you only need to sign a simple contract variation, often without increasing monthly payments at all.

Predictable Cashflow, Preserved Capital

With Rental, both your capital and existing lines of credit are conserved for core business requirements: Rental should not impact your ability to borrow from your bank when you need it. In addition, Rental provides the security of a predictable monthly payment with no residual value liability - you have the equipment you need, at a constant, known cost.

A Huge Tax Advantage

Rental payments are treated as a 100% tax deductible expense item when the equipment is used for business purposes.

End of Term Options Without Commitment

At the end of the Rental term, you have a number of choices. You can purchase, continue renting, upgrade or return the equipment - it's entirely up to you. Most clients choose to constantly upgrade their equipment, allowing them to stay current and competitive while maintaining predictable monthly payments.

A Total, Tailored Solution

Save time and money by consolidating all your business' equipment into a single payment, simply by bundling your equipment into the one Rental.

Learn more about the benefits of acquiring equipment through a rental facility versus cash purchase.

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The Leasing Centre's expert staff will work with you to build a solution which allows you to secure the equipment you need to grow your business. We tailor each equipment finance strategy specifically to the needs and capacities of each client - our solutions are designed to effectively help bridge the gap between the business' needs and its budgetary constraints.

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